Getting to know us

I’m Clara! I am that girl in her friend and family group who always volunteers to plan the itinerary of trips. Researching, putting the plan together, gathering consensus, and finally executing the plan during the trip brings me so much joy!

I was very privileged to have studied abroad in the United Kingdom from 2013 to 2017. Europe was literally at my doorstep, and I seized the chance to explore as much as I could!

In 2018, I returned to Singapore to start my career. Travelling was definitely more challenging now, but together with Marco, we still make time for it.

I believe that there is always a time for everything, and we tend to regret things that we didn’t do more than things we did. As I speak to people around me, this point constantly gets validated. I hear people say “I really want to travel to Tibet, but at this age of my life, my health doesn’t allow me to”.

So as I hit the big 3 next year, I am determined to travel to more “adventurous” places or experiences on my bucket list – like overnight hikes at Manchu Picchu or Mt Everest Basecamp, visiting Tibet and going on ski trips! To me, it’s now or never!

I’m Marco. The more spontaneous one between the two of us (probably a guy thing?)

I have spent my childhood years growing up in Hong Kong, before going to the UK to study and spending the majority of my teenage years over there. I was deeply enlightened by the cultural differences between the two environments and truly enjoyed all the places I have been to in Europe and what they had to offer.

After meeting the love of my life at university, I settled and worked in Singapore for a few years. Despite having a healthy and stable life here in Singapore, I believe there is much more to life than constantly working and making money in high-pressure environments (I work in finance and some of you probably know what that’s like).

There are countless places I want to travel to with my loved ones and I would deeply regret if I chose to stay in one place for the rest of my life! Being able to embark on this journey with my other half is incredible enough just by pure imagination, let alone actually experiencing it!

Our Story

We met in United Kingdom at our University’s table tennis club. We got closer as we got paired up to play mixed doubles. Then you know how the story goes, guy asks girl out and we have been together since!

As a couple, we made a promise to make travelling our shared priority. The shared memories we create are the most valuable assets in our couple’s life. We have very distinct responsibilities during our travels. Clara is the researcher, the planner and the navigator. Marco is the heavy lifter, the bodyguard and the finance controller. This combo makes it so easy for us to travel as a couple… we tap on each others’ strengths and somehow it just works!

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