Top 5 Reasons Why We Decided To Start Travel Blogging

As much as this post is going to answer some of your questions, this is also an important piece of documentation that will help remind us why we decided to start on this travel blogging journey. Getting started is easy but remaining consistent and true to our initial intentions will be the real test and challenge. Let us share with you our top 5 reasons why we decided to start travel blogging. The list is in no order of importance.

1. Make Travelling Our Life Priority

As a couple, we have travelled to many places such as France, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, Spain and Indonesia. Each trip holds many precious memories. However, our recent adventurous hike at Indonesia’s Mount Ijen has sparked something within us. Time will not wait for us. Our parents will get old, we also get old. Travel while we can, don’t wait. Once we miss that window of our life, that’s it. And it is true that one will regret more about things that we never do rather than things we did.

We were even more determined when we wrote down our Bucket List, e.g. Travel to Tibet, Bhutan, South America etc. Some of these places would be a challenge to go to when we are older. We have decided to also realise our Parents’ Bucket Lists too. My mother wants to visit Shirakawa-go in Japan. My mother-in-law wants to see the Stonehenge in the United Kingdom.

That’s why regularly creating content about our travels will help us make travelling our life priority. Travelling will now be part of our daily convos and our outlet for creativity. We will be asking ourselves “Where and when is our next adventure?”, “Where would be a good place to travel with our parents?”, “Ohh… this could be something we could share on our Travel Blog”.

In a way, starting this blog is like a commitment we have made. It signals our determination to travel and explore while we can. We do not want to fall into the dangers of being contended with the comforts of “the daily grind”.

2. Inspire People to Explore and Travel

Just like how we get our inspiration from others, we hope we do the same for others. Sometimes, we just need that little nudge to step outside our comfort zone and go forth on our adventures.

The world has 7 continents and just under 200 countries. Each country has their own history, culture, food and geographic wonders. People around us, however, end up going to the same few places. They are either afraid to step out further or do not have enough vacation leave/ budget. Some say they simply cannot be bothered to plan for a trip because it takes too much effort.

So through our content, we hope to lead by example and take the first step. We want to show you that travelling can be safe if you do it right, and there are really so much the world has to offer.

If your circumstances don’t let you travel, explore these places through our lens and our stories. We want you all to experience the world together with us!

3. Help People Travel Easier

Once we achieve point 2, our next goal is to help people to actually travel. As we travel, we will pick up new travel hacks, and experience the good and the bad. We will share these with you, so your travel experiences can be even more fuss-free and you can focus on creating beautiful memories.

Our lives are busy enough, we know it takes a lot of time to research and plan your itinerary. We are also wired differently. Marco does not like planning and going through the nitty gritty reviews on or Conversely, Clara enjoys it so much that she just volunteers to plan her friends’ trips that she is not part of! So when we travel together, Clara would be busy navigating and executing her itinerary. Marco would be the guardian of valuables and doing the heavy lifting!

Everyone has their own strengths and their own preferences. That’s why we firmly believe that there is no one way of travelling. Every travel group with different social dynamics would translate into its own form of travel experience. Sometimes we want to save on travel expenses, while sometimes because we are celebrating an occasion like an anniversary or birthday, we want to reward ourselves with a luxurious retreat. Through our travel blog, we hope to share our different travel experiences – couple adventures vs family-friendly trips or budget vs mid-range vs luxury.

4. Document Our Travel Memories

Another of our top 5 reasons why we decided to start travel blogging was to remember our travels in a good way. Gone are the days when we printed our photographs or saved media files on our hard disk. Everything now goes on the cloud. Every now and then, our iPhones would remind us of our memories 10 years ago through their random selection of pictures/ videos you don’t even remember taking.

We also have friends who reach out to us for our itineraries or travel recommendations at the most unpredictable timings, over brunch or after a few glasses of wine. At that point, we never could articulate all this information or find the right photo in our iPhone gallery.

With this travel blog, our travel photos, itineraries, and travel tips can all be found in a one-stop hub. Not only our friends would benefit, but we can now share this wealth of information with the amazing like-minded travel community!

5. Fulfil a Seemingly Impossible Dream

People always tell us to dream big. So here is our dream, to be a digital nomad or in other terms, be FUNemployed sustainably. We know that being a successful travel content creator is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, commitment and a bit of luck to gather your community of readers or viewers in an already very saturated market.

But the saying goes, we never know till you try, and everyone starts somewhere. So here we are, starting this journey with this very first post. Fingers crossed and let’s see where this takes flight.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we decided to start travel blogging! Comment below to share with us your thoughts, and if any of these reasons resonate with you.

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