Memory Lane

Clara has clocked more than 10 years of travel experiences. If this is LinkedIn, then this page got to be Clara’s portfolio! Every family or friend group has a trip planner, and Clara was always the one. Clara had fun curating each and every trip to suit the groups’ preference – from adventurous to family friendly trips! You are in luck, because she is working on sharing every trip’s itinerary with you. Contact us if you need any travel advice, and we will see how we can help!

Dec 2023

Sapa and Hanoi, Vietnam

We spent 4 days in Sapa and 1 day in Hanoi, from rice field hikes to riding the cable car to the highest point in Indochina. We stayed in a homestay and 5-star hotels. It was a good mix of budget and luxury in this trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

Nov 2023

Surabaya, Indonesia

Our most adventurous couple trip yet.

Aug 2023

Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

First trip with both parents and the parent-in laws!

Jul 2023

Phuket, Thailand

Largest family trip ever with more than 20 pax.

Jan 2023

Milan, Italy

Our Honeymoon.

Jan 2023

Courchevel, France

Our Honeymoon.

Dec 2022

Hong Kong

Always a good catch-up with family and friends.

Jun 2022

Phuket, Thailand

Our mini-moon.

Nov 2021

Cruise to nowhere

Furthest we could go during COVID.

Dec 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

Countdown celebrations with Marco’s family.

Jul 2019

Hokkaido, Japan

Roadtrip across Hokkaido.

Apr 2019

Taipei, Taiwan

This country holds a special place in my heart. The people, food and nature sites are just.. fantastic!

Feb 2019

Genting, Malaysia

Feb 2019

Cruise (Kuala Lumpur and Phuket stopovers)

A very festive family getaway to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Dec 2018

Hong Kong

Nov 2018

Kyoto and Osaka, Japan

Our first Japan couple trip. We even did a kimono photoshoot.



A mother-daughter trip, where. wewent as far as Lofoten Islands!


Santorini, Greece

The white built landscapes next to the sea is really the best romantic photoshoot backdrop!



4 girls had a blast riding camels and drinking morrocan mint tea.


Paris and Nice, France (Day trip to Monaco)

Of course. this has got to be the first place we visit as a couple. The land of romance.


Cambridge, United Kingdom

Guy meets girl. You know how the typical story goes.


Germany Christmas Market

A spontaneous trip with Clara’s housemate to visit a Christmas market to enjoy the festivities.


United States

Clara’s grad trip part III. A long US east coast trip, with a short visit across the border to Toronto, Canada.


Seville and Granada, Spain

Clara’s grad trip part II. A roadtrip with her housemates in Spain.



Clara’s grad trip part I.


Cape Town, South Africa

A Uni study trip.



Winterwonderland, where Clara and her friend were very mesmerised by Northern Lights on a husky sled.


Xin Jiang, China

Clara mom’s bucket list and it happened!


Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai, China

Clara did her summer school in Beijing and took the chance to explore other China cities.


San Francisco, United States

Clara joined a summer programme, and the Bay area has so much to offer.


Scottish Highlands, Scotland

A group of 4 friends Tour up to the Scottish Highlands from Edinburgh.



Clara went with a friend and were very amazed by nature – from ziplining to kayaking.





A super fun family trip where we got around just by rail. Scenery is absolutely stunning!

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